Having a detailed brochure about your company’s products or services is one of the best pieces of printed collateral that you can have. These pamphlets provide details to customers about your company in a compact and easy to read format when you cannot speak with them personally. The best brochures provide explicit details about your product or service, information on your company, and contain eye-catching images. The brochure should also include how they can contact you, and if applicable, how they can make a purchase.

Brochures can be a staple piece that you have at your front desk when customers first walk in your door alongside your business cards. Brochures also make great leave behinds when calling on prospects and can be used to pass out at trade shows. Make sure you are reaching prospective clients when it matters most with detailed descriptions and call to actions that are intriguing and informative.

Depending on your needs and goals for your company’s brochure, Printing Plus of Roselle can design and print on high quality paper with high quality ink and finishes. Not only do we use the best materials, we can also help you determine the best finishing method from multiple folding options to saddle stitching. Additionally, if you plan to mail your brochures to reach customers, we can help you with the mailing including custom printed envelopes to correspond with your new brochure.

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